Craig Reingold, President Toms North America & Board Member, Huron Partners

Former employer Sperry (Wolverine) engaged JSR for resume, Linkedin profile, coaching, and resume broadcast.

If you’re building wealth for your employer, you’re a Multi-Dimensional Candidate. Isn't it time for you to concentrate on your own ROI? The question is how can you do this confidentially? We work directly with executive candidates and help them connect with the executive search community in a completely confidential way. 
Man who uses executive resume writing services

Executive Job Search Above $250,000

Jackson Stevens connects executive candidates with search firms that place candidates above $250k, offers executive resume and LinkedIn writing services, and executive interview coaching using our 7 Dimensional Formula. 

Brent Furse, President & Chief Executive Officer, GeNO, a biopharmaceutical company:

Transition from Chief Revenue Officer at The Medicines Company (~$1B) completed within 120 days.

The Medicines Company uses JSR exclusively for senior executive transition.

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