Securing an Executive Healthcare Job is more difficult

We've built a simple, 3 step process that has enabled healthcare executives to find a new positions.

​Step One - The Resume: Senior executives are not interested in simply getting an interview, they want placement and so does the executive search firm that is presenting them. However, that starts with your resume. Click the video labeled "3 Minute Introduction" to the right and if you like what you see click the second video labeled "7 Dimensional Demonstration with a CEO Resume" to see a demonstration of our powerful 7 dimensional resume communication system using a before and after CEO resume from a $200M company.

Step Two - The Interview: Most senior executive jobs are lost by one or two bad answers given in interviews. The number one mistake is when they answer the question: Why are you considering a change.

Step Three - The "Right" "Retained" Executive Firm: 95% of the executive search community is a waste of time for the senior executive because they rarely work on senior roles. There are only about 60 firms that work on senior roles exclusively. You need to make sure your resume is uploaded into their databases and a copy in their top recruiter's inbox.

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