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We offer three distinct services to our Search Firm Partners.

  1. Sourcing: JSR maintains a nationwide repository of high-level talent. This database of executives represents every industry. Our Partner Firms retain 90% of their commission - we stay behind the scenes.
  2. New Client Development: We have built a tremendous reputation working with senior leadership candidates. When those clients land, they need to build their own teams. We send them to our Search Firm Partners. This service yields annual dividends as we nurture new clients every year.
  3. Candidate Preparation:  Ever lost a placement because the candidate made an irreversible mistake in an interview? This is because executive candidates are experienced hiring authorities, not job candidates. Their expertise is in hiring. We have documented every question asked in senior leadership interviews over the last 7 years. We mentor executive candidates from job description to resume, to interview, and to offer stage. You get paid because when you present a 7 dimensional resume, you have a 92% chance of booking an interview.

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3% Contingent Sourcing - New Clients for your firm - Your Presented candidates get placed!