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Fortune 100 CEO: "I contacted JSR because engaging simple executive resume services makes no sense. Every business has a targeted customer. Search firms target employers... I am targeting employers. Resume Writers target Job Seekers. Why engage someone whose expertise is selling me a resume to advise me on how to sell my performance to an employer?"

For more than 30 years, the JSR Leadership team (comprised of Semi-Retired executives from the executive search industry) has served as "Trusted Ally" to the retained executive search community. We don't recruit, we advise or serve as a talent repository for high performance leadership candidates to support executive searches being conducted by our partners that range from $200k to $2M. First and foremost, we want your confidential resume for our database.

The reason we began to provide executive resume services was as a result of the economic recession of 2008. The search industry suffered greatly and our leadership team agreed to lead the industry and conduct the first-ever research into hiring practices at the senior executive level. We wanted to see how hiring practices had evolved as a result of severe economic uncertainty. We offered employers discounted executive search rates in exchange for candor. Our goal was to find a way for our partners to improve placement rates.

We presented Board, C-level, President and Vice President executive candidates and mapped every thought on the mind of the employer. We discovered employers were asking questions during the presentation of the resume that were normally reserved for interviews. Unfortunately the answers to these questions are rarely included in executive resumes and executive resume services we spoke to were not asking or even aware of them. We labeled them the dimensions, there were 20 of them (now 25) and later trademarked them "The 7 Dimensions", critical answers that dictate placement. For years we exclusively offered executive resume services for candidates nominated by our executive search partners, not as a retail executive resume service but one exclusively available to our partner firms and designed to improve their placement percentages. This strategy worked. It improved placement rates exponentially. To see how this communication strategy would elevate the level of communication in your resume, click "See The Video" above.

Since 2008, JSR has received hundreds of accolades including Linkedin where it can be seen that JSR has received the highest level of recommendations in its history, not only for our executive resume services but also the services that connect senior level candidates to appropriate search firms. Although we cannot offer executive resume services to every candidate, if you have the proven talent, the 7 Dimensions can take your career to a new level.  Submit your resume and if it makes sense, we will contact you.

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