Joe Coffey, Vice President, Alere Inc.

"JSR has an arsenal of vast experience and the team at JSR are "wizards.” If you want to differentiation  JSR and their  executive job search coaching services are an essential part of your strategy. It is a good investment.

​Dennis Gilman, Chief Financial Officer, Brownie Brittle

Former employer, Lucini Olive Oil was sold. Dennis was able to obtain a new position in his home state within a few months.

For more than 30 years, the JSR Leadership team (comprised of Semi-Retired executives from the executive search industry) has been a "Trusted Ally" to the retained executive search community. We serve as a talent repository for high performance leadership candidates to support executive search firms during their search for candidates between $200k to $2M. 

We led the first-of-its-kind research on how the 2008 economic recession affected executive placement and discovered the 7 dimensions (to see results, click the resume video tab above).

We offered employers discounted executive search rates in exchange for candor and presented Board, C-level, President and Vice President executive candidates while mapping every question asked by the employer.

Today we offer Resume, LinkedIn  Interview Preparation, and or contacts with recruiters who routinely place candidttes between $200k and $2M.

Since 2008, JSR has received hundreds of accolades, the highest level in LinkedIn History. To learn more, send us your resume. We'll respond if it makes sense. Please note, we only work with senior leadership candidates.


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