Brian Tucker, President, RBT SolutionsI've referred several clients to JSR several referrals and all have come back raving about JSR because they get it. If you want an utmost authority in the transition of an executive, give JSR a call. In less than 10 minutes you will understand exactly what I am talking about. Brian has been engaging JSR since 2013

Saroj Patnaik, Vice President, Finesse SolutionsI have worked with them several times and found them helpful and trustworthy. Saroj has engaged JSR since 2014

Judith Rogala, Senior Vice President, FedEx

JSR does an outstanding job for executive job search. I highly recommend them. Judith has engaged JSR client since 2013.

Thomas Carpenter, President & Chief Executive Officer, Nielsen BioSciences

When I was outplaced, JSR became turning point in my career search. I landed in 4 months and at the CEO level, that is a feat. Thomas has engaged JSR since 2013.

Our References

Orlando Sellers, General Manager, SchlageWe have collaborated on many initiatives that achieved significant business results, which positively affected my P&L. JSR has consistently proven to provide timely expert counsel that led to superlative results. They are trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I highly recommend them. Orlando has been engaging JSR since 2013.

Muna Nijem, Chaiman & CEO, Telecommunication Regulatory CommissionI was initially impressed with JSR’s enthusiasm, communication and professional style. They are reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. They consistently met or surpassed all weekly metrics. Muna has engaged JSR since 2013.

Paul Rector, Vice President & General Manager, LenovoDell hired JSR in 2013 for executive job search coaching and in only 4 months I was hired to run my first private equity backed organization. We sold it in 2014 and I was hired by Lenovo. All as a direct result of this fine company's work. If you have to make a change, JSR is the only choice. Paul was Senior Vice President at Dell when he received our services in 2013.

S. (Krish) Krishnamoorthy, Global Director, R&D, Detsply, SironaI worked with JSR in 2011 after leaving Baxter Healthcare Corporation and it was incredibly helpful in my transition to a more significant role in a smaller company. I would be happy to recommend JSR to anyone. Krish has engaged JSR since March 2013

Dennis Gilman, Chief Financial Officer, Brownie BrittleWe highly recommend JSR. They were very effective and we would use them again.
Dennis has engaged JSR client since 2010

Mary A.J. McClain, Chairman of the Board, Invo Healthcare

JSR are some of the most outstanding people that I have met in my career. Anyone who becomes a client will not be disappointed. Mary engaged JSR when her company sold in  2015.

​​Scott Murray, Executive Vice President, Nobel Biz

JSR did a fantastic job and although it was a lot of work it was worth it. Scott engaged JSR in 2015

Dr. Syed Shamil, Vice President, ManeJSR's style of resume writing is most effective because they understand the needs and requirements of employers. I recommend the resume services of JSR most emphatically. Dr. Shamil has engaged JSR since 2013

Thomas McAllister, Vice President, Customer Operations & National Accounts, FedEx

When I transitioned from FedEx, I worked with JSR in the transition, They were like professional artists, I was their palette of colors and canvas and they created an exquisite piece of artwork. They are modern day business job search coaching Picassos! Thomas engaged JSR in 2014.

Brent Gordon, Vice President Strategy, Penguin Random House

JSR's seven-dimensional framework helped me craft compelling achievement stories that proved distinctive during the interview process for multiple executive opportunities, contributing to three simultaneous job offers. I consider Dean a trusted career coach and advisor. Brent's former employer, McGraw Hill Education engaged JSR in 2016.

David Neuman, Chief Executive Officer, GAEA North America

When my company sold, I was back on the market, over 50 and highly compensated. I needed the best possible strategy and to connect with VCs and Recruiters. It worked so well I have recommended them to close friends. David's former employer engaged JSR in 2015.

Jon Routledge, President, Highway Toll AdministrationJSR's approach to  executive job search coaching, professionalism, and quality of work is of the highest order. I would have no hesitation in recommending JSR as a service partner to any organization or individual. Jon has engaged JSR since 2011.

Ray Wolf, President, OpenSymmetry

JSR is the “Go-To” firm for any outplaced executive looking to take their career to the next level. Ray has engaged JSR since 2013.

Kevin Hornish, Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition, QBE North AmericaMost accomplished executives don’t build their careers by honing their resume writing, interview, and job seeking skills, they do it by delivering results. If you want to be absolutely certain your outplaced executive is presented to the market in the best possible way, engage JSR. They are absolute experts at crystallizing achievements with incredible detail from the 7 dimensions and getting candidates to the right people. Kevin has engaged JSR since 2014.

Don Mikrut, Chief Executive Officer, BP CapitalJSR has been an outstanding guide through multiple transitions. I consider JSR an essential part of any executive level job search transition.
Don has engaged JSR since 2014.

William Yaeger, President, Elekta Inc.

I hired JSR for executive job search coaching and they did an excellent job. They put resumes in front of hundreds of executive recruiters in various disciplines. The results have been very positive. I would recommend JSR executive job search coaching services for any senior level executive scenario. William has engaged JSR since 2016.

Michael Marsh, Managing Director,  Jones Lang Lasalle

JSR are the best  executive job search coaching services available in the market. As a result of JSR’s work, I was able to secure dozens and interviews with top firms, all of which commented on how great the resume presented my credentials. Michael was referred to JSR by the leadership at Dell in 2014.

Craig Reingold, President, Sperry, Toms North America, Board Member, Huron Partners

JSR has vast experience and recruitment, resume, Linkedin profile, coaching, and negotiation training process are fantastic.
Craig has used JSR since November 2009.

Shaun Jacob, President, CHC Wellbeing

We conducted exhaustive research and found that firms focused on resume,  interview, and networking, not marketing. We chose JSR and couldn't have been more pleased with the final result. They connect the candidate to top executive search firms, which shortened transition times. We give Jackson Stevens our highest recommendation! Shaun Jacob has used JSR since August, 2016

Ari Margulies, Vice President, LiazonI have worked with JSR for many years and the 7 Dimensional Resume Communication System and subsequent services delivered significant results, including my current job. The lifetime updates keep them consistently in my corner. Ari has engaged JSR since 2014

Frank Chandler, Senior Project Manager, Cushman & WakefieldI have had calls and interviews I from companies that would not have given me a chance without JSR's expertly crafted documents. I can't thank them enough. Frank has been engaging JSR since 2014.

Rich Rainer, Chief Operations Officer, NATOI unequivocally endorse the services of JSR. Transitioning to the civilian sector from over 30 years military experience as a naval officer was daunting in the extreme. JSR not only mentored me through it, they expertly translated my military experience into a pitch perfect resume that resonated load and clear with potential employers. I cannot imagine having done this without their levelheaded advice, professional sense of priorities, and open mindedness. I could not be happier with the outcome of my transition and wholeheartedly recommend their service to anyone making the leap to new executive level opportunities. Rich has been engaging JSR since 2015.

Mark Boyer, Chief Executive Officer, Maine Textiles International

The team at JSR are absolute masters for Senior Executive job search coaching.
Mark has engaged JSR client since 2015

Dr. Michael Ackermann, Senior Vice President, Eli LilyJSR are absolute artists in  executive job search coaching. I consider them "performance" marketers extraordinaire. Dr. Ackermann has engaged JSR client since 2015.

Ken Tola, Chief Executive Officer, Bear SystemsJSR continually went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend them. Ken has been engaging JSR since 2013

Tom Siciliano, Chief Executive Officer, Canna Security America

JSR started as a business partners and have turned into a great friends. They delivered results! I would highly recommend JSR. Tom has engaged JSR since 2013.

John Merriwether, Vice President, Investor Relations, AMC TheatresI was downsized in 2013 and worked with JSR. I had the full treatment, resume, LinkedIn rewriting, interview preparation, and marketing. JSR has a tremendous product at an exceptional value. They helped me write the next chapter in my career. John has engaged JSR since 2013.

James Van Leenen, Chief Executive Officer, Fleetgistics Inc.The team at JSR are the best job search coaches I have ever engaged. They have extensive experience and expertise to create phenomenally good outcome. James has engaged JSR client since 2014

Brent Furse, President & Chief Executive Officer, GeNOThe first time we used JSR for executive job search coaching was for me. I was Chief Revenue Officer at The Medicines Company (~$1B). My transition was completed within 120 days. Now The Medicines Company uses JSR exclusively as multiple subsequent senior executive transitions were just as quick and each was very complimentary of the service provided. Brent has worked with JSR client since January 28, 2015

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Maria Isabel Soto, MSM, Chief Executive Officer, AdroittaJSR’s knowledge stemming from the executive search industry has given them a better perspective than traditional executive job search coaching firms. If you have the opportunity to work with them, do it. Maria Isabel has been engaging JSR since 2013.

Don Davide, Chief Strategy Officer, Victoria Fine Foods

When it was time I engaged JSR as my job search coach. I enjoyed great results and great value! Don engaged JSR in 2013.

Matthew Klein, President of Utilities Inc.The team at JSR are unparalleled experts at the framing and storytelling of leadership experience. They are the only people you need to call. Period.
Matthew has engaged JSR since 2014.

Ron Evans, General Manager, Cosmos Creations

JSR is well versed in their field with a great understanding of what is needed to best depict an executive's qualities and how to get these in front of the right executive search firms. Ron has been engaging JSR since 2013.

Joe Coffey, Vice President, Alere Inc.JSR has an arsenal of vast experience and the team at JSR are "wizards.” If you want to differentiate your candidates and make it easier for hiring executives and top shelf recruiters to find them,  JSR and their  executive job search coaching services are an essential part of your strategy. It is a good investment.
Joe has engaged JSR since 2014.

Michael Rowley, Senior Vice President, HealogicsI was both surprised and delighted to discover how much better their executive job search coaching was. They are truly specialists at what they do. They are true professionals with a personal touch. Michael has engaged JSR since 2013.

Dave Matthews, Chief Revenue Officer, 4INFOThey are brilliant. If you have an opportunity to use JSR for  executive job search coaching  you will see a measurable difference between traditional and JSR coaches. They are legends and ad there is no one in the industry that even comes close to matching the depth and breadth of their skill set. Dave engaged JSR in 2014.

Christine Ryder, Compliance Officer, Parkridge Health System

Working with JSR was an amazing experience. Utilizing the Seven dimensional methodology for resume guidance and coaching set me on a more direct path to my target position.  I highly recommend Dean and JSR to anyone who wants their exiting executive to  make a meaningful leap forward in their career. Christine has engaged JSR since 2016.

Jason McCleish, CTO, US Navy Engineering and Logistics

JSR has been an incredible asset in many areas. They are experts in advanced resume and LinkedIn strategies using the 7 dimensional construct. they have a charismatic approach to executive coaching and are the consummate professionals who know how to get C-Suite candidates in front of the executive search industry. 

Keith Streckenbach, Chief Executive Officer, HighFive Health

I consider JSR #1…. their 7 Dimensional formula, resolves the daunting challenge of making a great executive career move.Keith has been a JSR client since March 5, 2014.