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How to get more job opportunities – how to find a job

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How to get more job opportunities – how to find a job

If you have gone over your resume several times and cannot see a way to improve it, you are probably perplexed. You may even be asking yourself the question, what’s wrong with me? Don’t do it. There is a job in America for everyone and every company needs executives.  If everything looks as it should and you are not getting opportunities, then you need to consider a different method of distribution. You also have to look at your depth of penetration into the market – the numbers.

Now, if your job hunt is passive, don’t waste your time reading this article.

Passive Candidacy: Putting settings on your LinkedIn profile that indicate you are open to new opportunities; twitter, and Facebook statements showing that you are open. Contacting recruiters you have worked with in the past and posting your resume “confidentially” (OK, but not recommended for leadership candidates) on job boards. Sending your résumé to the occasional opportunity you come across.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to affect a change, read on.

First, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions;

What is my Forum?

Are you in an industry and role that are uncommon?

What is the level of competition?

  1. Monster and CareerBuilder vs. Networks and Corporate Websites
    • Monster & CareerBuilder jobs may have as many as 400 applicants per job, per week. Networked and Corporate websites may have as few as 1 to 3 applicants per job, per week (depending upon the size of the corporation/larger corp. = larger number of applicants).

Is your submission appropriate?

  1. If you apply for positions that have a requirement you don’t have, you are wasting your time and theirs.
  2. If you apply for positions in which you have all the requirements, but you do not have experience in their industry, you have a 50% chance. Your cover letter better explain why you don’t need experience in their industry to succeed, and it needs to be backed up by your resume.

So the question is, how public are these jobs and how well do you really fit? If you find positions in your network, you can get someone on the phone and ask them what their impression of your submission was and why they felt you did not fit.

You may have obstacles you have not considered. They fall into 2 categories:

Natural obstacles;

  • Niche experience
  • High level
  • Narrow industry
  • Narrow field/discipline/role experience

Circumstantial obstacles;

  • Unemployed
  • Looming or scheduled downsizing
  • Not getting along with employer
  • Failure to meet established objectives within 1 year of employment that may lead to separation

If what you offer is good, you don’t fit the Natural obstacles above, and your résumé accurately reflects what you offer. Your issue may be that the hiring authority is surrounded by people who are not showing your résumé. You need to seek out the actual hiring manager. If you fit 100% of the qualifications, they will want to speak with you. If you have an achievement that describes their problem, go ahead, call them.

 The only other options you have are;

  1. Improve the quality of the résumé and the forum of the submission.
  2. Improve your association with the prospect.
  3. Widen your audience -  get your résumé to more people.

Launch a “Direct approach campaign”. This would dramatically increase your exposure.

Direct Approach Campaign = Sending your résumé directly to companies and recruiters in your industry and following up with a phone call (see article on getting a referral interview). Be sure to consider revising your résumé and cover letter before you begin this kind of campaign.  Don’t send your résumé to people that do not make sense.

  • Research news about companies you are interested in.  Look for reasons to contact their leadership and then contact them.
  • Post your résumé in the public view i.e., job boards (leadership candidates should never, ever post their résumés on job boards or in any public forum) etc.
  • Build a list of companies in your area and set up a systematic approach program.  Do not buy a job hunting program (see what if a firm contacts me article) or résumé blaster service (see resume blasters article). You can obtain information in the library on how to set up your campaign. A good book on the subject is “What Color Is Your Parachute” by Richard Bowles.

Remember, you are overcoming a poor market by getting more people to look at you. You will experience 99% rejection in job hunting activities,  prepare yourself. Don’t look at it as 99% rejection, look at it for what it is.  You only need 1 job.

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  1. Resume Executive at JSR says:

    Your resume is only a 2 page description of what you offer. If you have the best resume writer on the planet but what you offer is not attractive to the hiring authority, then you will not get the call.
    The way to measure a resume writer is by how they sell you on paper. This has a direct relationship to obtaining interviews but maybe only 20%. 80% is based upon what you actually offer the employer, not how it is described.
    You also need to understand that no matter how great you are as a product, if you are not what the employer is looking for, it won’t matter. They won’t call.
    Now to be clear, the value of a resume writer is to make sure that the categories of information that is written about you in the resume are honest and done in such a way that it attracts employer interest, leaving certain questions open for the interview. You have to strategize with your resume developer to flavor the resume so that it becomes attractive to a wider audience.
    Unfortunately it is rare that a resume writer has interactions with employers. Without that, the resume writer is operating from theory and it is dangerous to bet your future on a person operating from theory, especially when you have to pay for it.